Complete the entire application process without a single piece of paper.

FastApp™ completes the entire application process without a single piece of paper. Your company’s rules, forms and state requirements work in our mobile app. It’s fully loaded and completely customizable to meet any business requirements – not just insurance or accounts.

Our streamlined process allows agents to close new business in a single session. Applications and forms are auto-filled whenever possible, saving time and reducing keying errors. “In Good Order” (IGO) submissions eliminate errors and reduce workload in the back office. E-signatures and check scanning complete sales on the spot.

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Customized Rate Calculator

FastApp’s calculator simplifies your company's complex business rules to produce a real time quote and populates the application with data wherever required.

Flexible Data Capture

To personalize the applicant’s experience, FastApp’s flexibility allows agents to work on multiple insurance forms and complete the application in any order desired.

Built Specifically for You

Your company’s rules, forms and state requirements are all built into the app, so all data is current which keeps mistakes to a minimum and you in compliance.

Signature Ready

All agent-entered data can be validated so you can be assured that the application package is IGO and signature-ready. Missing data is easily identified and captured before e-signatures are obtained.

Electronic Workflow

Any business that closes a sale with an application or uses a form can benefit from the advantages of electronic workflow. We can customize FastApp™ to meet any business requirements.


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