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Case Studies

Case Studies

Real world business needs met with real world solutions.

We've been extremely fortunate to work with some of the best in the business—providing them a variety of solutions for their daily business challenges. Our solutions work to streamline lead management, increase sales, manage data, calculate rates and go paperless. Check below for a few case studies highlighting some of our product implementations—get in touch to see how we can help you do business better.



Supporting Strategic Growth

All-in-One Sales Solution for a large national insurance company

Solution: LeadForce™
Industry: Medicare Supplemental Insurance
Project Type: Comprehensive Software Implementation

The Need: As it prepared for its next stage of growth, a large national insurance company wanted its agents and brokers to have online visibility into the status of their leads while giving senior management high-level insight into each branch’s productivity.

The Solution: FuseMind’s comprehensive marketing communication tool, LeadForce™, allows our client to access sales leads for the purpose of planning, distribution, and monitoring of sales and marketing. Built to help every aspect of marketing campaigns— from mail and list ordering, through centralized lead capture (regardless of lead source) and distribution, to back-end reporting—LeadForcevides sales agencies with a web interface for detailed analysis and a mobile view for agents on the road.

Additional client needs and functionalities:

  • Track records for lead creation to policy issuance
  • Manage updates to policies on a daily basis
  • Manage agent spending allowances
  • Assign/reassign leads to specific agents/offices
  • Combine leads into general office pool for individual agent selection
  • Seamless interface with CRM and other user platforms
  • Time and cost saving automations that enable sales teams to reach key milestones with greater accuracy and predictability.



Supporting Agents’ Success in the Field

Compliant solution to ensure policies are “In Good Order”

Solution: FastApp™
Industry: Health Insurance Company
Project Type: Mobile application tool, Offline support, Multi-lingual support, Fulfillment, Automation

The Need: A national health insurance company was growing and needed to find a solution to ensure its agents could easily capture all the data required to satisfy risk and compliance rules for an In Good Order policy. The company also sought a solution to manage its increasing policy printing volume. The solution also had to address how to handle the various policy versions required by each state regulator in the time required to print.

The Solution: FastApp™ is a customizable platform for electronic applications that allows managers to set specific compliance requirements. The controls built into FastApp ensure policies meet requirements the first time and agents do not have to return multiple times to prospective clients for data and signatures. Automation tools mean the corresponding policy forms will be printed and delivered to the new policyholder in the time frame required. And FastApp clients who also use FuseMind’s LeadForce PRO tool can leverage prefilled forms and real-time analysis on closed business.

Policy Print is another key solution for automated printing production for insurance policies based on data provided by the client. FuseMind works closely with the client’s policy print team to ensure strict adherence to client procedures. State-of-the-art network systems are highly secure to comply with HIPAA standards for the safeguarding of protected data. Client-specific procedures are followed for every single policy produced and each policy is put through a documentation and quality control process before it goes in the mail. To ensure constant communication, the client is able to monitor the policies via an admin website and make any cancellations or updates as needed.



Creating a Scalable Solution for a Digital Age…Twice!

Seamless insurance card delivery for a national health insurance company

Solution: ID Wizard™
Industry: Student Health Insurance
Project Type: Automation process, Mobile application tool, Fulfillment


The Need: A major national health insurance company was increasing their new customer base and needed to figure out a way to manage the multiple varieties of insurance card layouts to accommodate each customer’s needs. The insurance cards had to display several pieces of policyholder specific data.

The Solution: FuseMind’s online design software program allows clients to create personalized ID cards for their customers. Once the design is complete and approved, it is combined with the unique data file, printed and mailed immediately for fast delivery all from FuseMind’s print and fulfillment center.


The Need: The same health insurance company was tasked with a cost reduction initiative to their ever-rising print costs. Their focus was the annual printing of policyholder health insurance cards.

The Solution: FuseMind’s ID Wizard, a mobile application to allow virtual use of the policyholder insurance cards. ID Wizard provides policyholders with mobile access to insurance cards for themselves and all dependents as well as the ability to view their claims and find providers.