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Our Story

For 30+ years, we've been a trusted advisor—helping organizations connect with customers & grow their business.

Our strategy has always been simple: Solve the problems of future sales forces and back office teams. Today, this happens through: direct- to-consumer solutions, mobile and on-demand platforms that provide a rich customer experience. Things have changed dramatically since our founding in 1990, but our customer-first approach remains laser focused. FuseMind was founded in a Dallas apartment in 1990 by veterans of the marketing and direct mail world, who believed sales organizations needed better tools to reach their customers. The existing marketing technology was impersonal and consisted of a patchwork of tools built on outdated infrastructure.

With the aim of helping businesses grow, the co-founders set out to build a platform capable of reaching customers 1-to-1 and thus meeting the rapidly evolving needs of today's fast-growing global businesses.

Since our founding, the needs of our customers have evolved, but FuseMind has kept pace. We've learned alongside our customers resolute to provide the best tools to identify high-intent customers and close new business.

Our seasoned and strong team is determined to meet clients' growing needs in an ever-changing technology landscape. As a result, FuseMind's intelligent solutions get great results for any sales-driven organization.

FuseMind 30th Anniversary Celebration

We’re part of a customer-first movement that’s growing fast—building solutions and apps to meet our client’s needs, grow their customer base, and increase their bottomline.

Our Culture

Sustaining a thriving and creative workforce.

Our business relies on the talented and dedicated team that stands behind each and every product we deploy and customer relationship we create. Our employees' success is our success, so we support and invest in our team. FuseMind works to create a company culture that sustains a creative workforce and encourages a healthy work-life balance. Our employees have opportunities to attend events, share their work, and take time off to volunteer or learn new skills. As part of our commitment to diversity and inclusion, we're cultivating an equitable and empathetic workplace, a listening and learning culture, and an empowered and inspired community.

O U R     M I S S I O N

To have an unwavering focus on our clients by providing quality solutions and products through a strong and seasoned team to meet a client’s growing needs in the ever-changing technology landscape.


O U R     V I S I O N

To be the undisputed information technology solutions company of choice for employees, customers, and partners in all the markets we choose to serve. Success is not always measured by the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change.

O U R     V A L U E S

Our ability to understand and take action with others to create and produce
Our most valuable asset
Profitable growth for strategic computer solutions, our clients, and our partners
Deliver on our promises
Exceed our commitments to each other, our customers and partners
Outstanding services and support in everything we do