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FuseMind is a leader in InsureTech and FinTech with a holistic suite of products that provide value to customers throughout the entire sales process and customer journey.

What's LeadForce™ PRO?
LeadForce PRO is an innovative, comprehensive marketing communications tool to enhance agent, office, manager, and executive productivity. It's a lead generation and distribution powerhouse. Looking to maximize your time, boost productivity and close more sales? LeadForce PRO has you covered. Take it on the road and utilize our smart mobile technology or spend the day in the office with our easy-to-use desktop version.
How can I find and capture leads?
FuseMind captures leads from a variety of sources, from direct mail and call centers to Facebook messenger and e-mail campaigns. All of these leads are integrated into one simple lead distribution platform.
What can I do with the leads I collect?
Order mailings based on customized creative, geography, demographics and data modeling directly from LeadForce PRO. Merge multiple lead sources, recycle older leads to different agents, monitor the life-cycle of a lead, and auto-assign or reassign leads as needed.
How do I improve my lead conversion?
Leverage FuseMind's tools to track leads, prospects and responses by agent, office, or lead source to uncover insights and increase conversions.
Do I need a separate CRM system?
No, LeadForce PRO will either integrate with existing customer relationship management (CRM) tools or it can be used for the front and back end to manage your sales process.
What can I use FastApp™ for?
You can simplify all of your applications and forms with FastApp™. Any service that uses an online form, electronic form, online process, online template or application form can be automated or enhanced through FastApp™. Examples include: applications, renewals, tenders, bids, benefits, grants, fund subscription documents, requisitions, membership forms, online account opening, household, personal or business services, or charitable funding—the list goes on! Just imagine all the ways FastApp™ can simplify your business!
Who can benefit from FuseMind's tools like LeadForce PRO & FastApp?
Any sales-based organization can derive great value from FuseMind's tool since these tools provide end customers with a more personal, direct, and simple point-of-sale and delivery process. FuseMind's tools also enhance customer engagement after purchase through mobile apps and a customized user experience that decreases turnover. FuseMind has relationships with many of the nation's largest insurance carriers and marketing organizations as well as financial services organizations. Retail companies, academic institutions, non-profits, and business services organizations also benefit from the targeted cost per lead system and relationship management tools.

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