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Leads Management

Leads Management

Close more deals with smarter lead qualification and routing

FuseMind applies advanced analytics to find the best targeted leads, making use of a host of attributes that go far beyond age and income, allowing you to send the appropriate message to the audience that best suits you. As a results-driven partner, it’s our mission to track down and deliver the best leads to meet your goals. Use your own model and pay by the thousand or leverage our insights and pay only for qualified leads—whatever works best for you.

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High-intent leads delivered on your schedule

No matter which option you prefer, FuseMind is a results-driven partner—offering solutions to inspire agents, improve efficiency, increase profits & drive your bottomline.

  • Per Lead

  • 1. Cost

    Know exactly what you’re paying per lead, never pay a penny more and eliminate the risk of varying response rates based on time of year.

  • 2. Analytics

    Our sophisticated analytics improves predictability and delivers the desired number of leads without extra cost, so you can leave the modeling to us.

  • 3. Responders

    Agents have a standing order they can depend on. Getting the same number of leads every week makes planning and goal setting easy and efficient.

  • Per Thousand

  • 1. Cost

    Pay a flat fee based on a fairly predictable number of names and use the power of LeadForce PRO to gain awareness on prospects along the way.

  • 2. Analytics

    Target the demographics and income levels that best match your product offering— identify leading indicators to promote high conversion.

  • 3. Responders

    Gain access to non-responders to initiate effective drip campaigns. Utilize our omni-channel approach for the highest conversion rates.


Quick stat analysis charts and graphs help managers prove results, track progress, determine budgets, make forecasts and implement change. FuseMind has technologies to measure your marketing results and provide intuitive data mining and metrics in a snapshot. Data is automatically updated to track time-sensitive trends.


Make a huge impact on conversion by receiving data on new leads as they arrive so managers can quickly assign them, and agents can work them instantly on their desktop or mobile device. Merge multiple lead sources and conduct omni-channel campaigns to get the highest conversion rates. Ensure proper follow through.


Marketing budgets require accurate analysis to determine realistic ROI. With FuseMind solutions, you ‘re able to receive the leads you need, how you need them and the data to help you see if all is going according to your plan. With our flexible tools, your leads can move towards the conversion point a whole lot faster and integrate with existing tools for an end-to-end, data-driven solution.

Looking to maximize your time, boost productivity and close more sales? LeadForce PRO has you covered!