ID Wizard

ID Wizard

Encourage your policyholders to use their smart phones for more than just selfies and social media.

Personalized ID cards for your customers are a snap to produce with our ID wizard. Policyholders can quickly access their insurance cards (and much more) on smart phones or tablets. No more worries about misplaced or expired cards. We can customize ID Wizard to fit your needs. Get in touch for a quote!

Customized Accounts

You tell us your requirements and we’ll create the look and functionality you need. Accounts can be created with as much ease or complexity as you require.


Once the mobile account is accessed, the user can view up-to-date information for the main policyholder, any additional members and the types of coverage.


Optimized to fit the screen of a smart phone or tablet, the insurance card can be viewed and shared with a single tap.


Easily provide information that’s helpful to your policyholder with functions such as Find My Pharmacies, Find My Providers or Find My Claims.


New mobile accounts can be verified against an existing database of active policyholders.


Need personalized ID cards for your customers? Get in touch.