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Direct Mail & Printing

Our team can help you reach more customers with our powerful letter shop and fulfillment services. We offer a single source to effectively plan your marketing strategy, target your audience, build your creative, execute printing and postage, and track results. We pull together all of the details and never lose sight of your ultimate goal—expanding your reach and maximizing ROI.


LeadForce PRO

LeadForce PRO has you covered with all the tools you need throughout the sales cycle. As a results-driven partner, we track down and deliver high-intent leads to meet your sales goals. You pay per thousand or per lead, whatever works best for you. Then, leverage the management and distribution platform of LeadForce PRO to ensure agents are able to seamlessly deliver for your customers.


Data Analytics

Our software allows up-to-the-minute KPI tracking. Leverage the power of real-time data to adjust sales goals, team strategies, and overall business behavior dynamically. Drill down into the data for deeper insights. Bring data to life with easily customized visualizations to empower users of all types to make wise business decisions, inform processes, and improve team results.


It's time to go PRO! Get in touch with Lisa Burnett, our Director of Client Services, to see how our technology and products can increase your productivity and bottomline. Call 469-680-3653, or email lisa.burnett@fusemind.com to learn more.

Add direct mail to your marketing mix! Meet with Brett Benton, our VP of Client Services, to see how our direct mail, print shop and fulfillment services can help you reach more customers and increase your ROI. Schedule a meeting via Calendly, call 214-267-1313 ext 1105, or email brett.benton@fusemind.com to get started.



And growing on the lead distribution platform.



Processed annually.



Made via qualified leads annually.

Level Up with LeadForce™ PRO

The All-in-One Sales Platform

Empower agents to close more deals through performance-based marketing tools for every stage of your sales funnel. More than just mail, agents can order and route leads across channels.

Enjoy smarter lead qualification to help convert high-interest buyers and improve their onboarding process and overall client experience.

Back-Office Solutions

Data Management

From entry to processing to management— your data is critical to every facet of your business. We can develop and execute the practices and procedures needed to properly manage your full data life-cycle. Our solutions are flexible and can be tailored help you manage the daily load or any spikes in volume you may experience.

Policy Print

Get your policies printed faster by using our policy print process. Our experienced team will work closely with your team to ensure we follow your policies and procedures to the “T”. Our advanced networking systems are secure with high HIPAA standards for protecting data.

Pack & Ship

Pack Ship

Whether it’s T-shirts, premium items, brochures, price catalogs or candy bars, our pick and pack distribution department can inventory, pack, and ship everything you need for your unique marketing campaign. You pay either by invoice or credit card.


Looking to maximize your time, boost productivity and close more sales? LeadForce PRO has you covered with its lead generation and distribution tools. Take it on the road and utilize our smart mobile technology or spend the day in the office with our easy-to-use desktop version. Get in touch to check out our live demo and see Only FuseMind gives you a fully configurable customer management suite to drive growth at every stage of the sales cycle.


    Drag and drop lead assignment keeps you organized and empowers your agents. Merge multiple lead sources and recycle older leads to different agents in case the 2nd or 3rd contact is the charm. Monitor the life-cycle of a lead, so no lead is ever lost or forgotten.

    Impact conversion by uploading new leads upon arrival. Managers can assign to agents who work them instantly on their dashboard or mobile device. Simple clicks capture follow-up status, notes and calendar appointments. Instant map display creates a quick visual for potential prospecting or cross-selling.



    Connect with lead sources of all types from telephone to social media. Connect with these prospects via targeted marketing campaigns in a few clicks with LeadForce PRO. Order campaigns from your desktop based on customized creative, geography, demographics and data modeling.


    LeadForce PRO offers simple navigation on one screen. Portals are tailored to each user’s specific needs. All information is easily viewable in one single workspace so you can spend your time reaching goals, not chasing information.


    Charts and graphs are embedded in LeadForce PRO to help managers prove results, track progress, determine budgets and forecasts and implement change. LeadForce PRO track and measure all of your marketing results and provide intuitive data mining and metrics in a snapshot.

  • Support

    Our experienced customer service team is here to support your sales success. Dedicated Client Service Representatives and Project Managers, backed by our capable IT department, will guarantee your expectations are met and exceeded. Period.

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