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Meet the all-in-one sales and marketing platform!

Looking to maximize your time, boost productivity and close more sales? LeadForce PRO has you covered with all the tools you need throughout the sales cycle. As a results-driven partner, we track down and deliver high-intent leads to meet your sales goals. You pay per thousand or per lead, whatever works best for you. Then, leverage the management and distribution platform of LeadForce PRO to ensure agents are able to seamlessly deliver for your customers.

Go PRO! Get in touch with a team member to see how LeadForce PRO and our other products and solutions can increase your bottomline— call 214-267-1313, or email info@fusemind.com to get started.

High-interest leads delivered on your schedule

No matter which option you prefer, FuseMind is a results-driven partner—offering solutions to inspire agents, improve efficiency, increase profits & drive your bottomline.

  • Per Lead

  • 1. Cost

    Know exactly what you’re paying per lead every quarter—never pay a penny more and avoid the risk of varying seasonal responses.

  • 2. Analytics

    Data is power! Leverage our top tier data models to improve conversion rates. Ensure the time spent working new leads pays off with more sales.

  • 3. Responders

    Plan your days and meet your goals. Easily target the number of leads you want to work each week to make your planning and goal setting efficient.

  • Per Thousand

  • 1. Cost

    Pay a flat fee based on a fairly predictable number of names and use the power of LeadForce PRO to gain awareness on prospects along the way.

  • 2. Analytics

    Target the demographics and income levels that best match your product offering— identify leading indicators to promote high conversion.

  • 3. Responders

    Gain access to non-responders to initiate effective drip campaigns. Utilize our omni-channel approach for the highest conversion rates.


LeadForce PRO - Lead Distribution
Easy On-demand Lead Orders

Order per lead or per thousand—set up recurring leads so you never have to worry about having a pool of leads to work each day. Order digital and print marketing materials from a library of options based on customized creative, geography, demographics, and data modeling directly from the dashboard.

Better Audience Targeting

Spend time with high-value leads filtered through custom-developed propensity-to-purchase models. We apply an end-to-end, data-driven approach to lead generation that makes use of 500+ attributes to better forecast and target likely responders with the appropriate message.


Stay organized and efficient with important lead information right at your fingertips. The agent dashboard displays new leads, leads in progress, and worked leads with a disposition. Our printable PDF lead sheets display lead cards, lead information, and non-responder neighbors for better follow-up.


Easily plan the day through the agent dashboard using lead mapping that also plots nearby non-responders. Disposition leads to track lead status, pipeline, and marketing ROI with just a few clicks. Leads dispositioned with opportunities will auto-generate a calendar entry for easy time management.

Lead Management

Never let a lead go stale. Merge multiple lead sources, recycle or re-distribute older leads to different agents, monitor lead lifecycles all in one place—no lead is ever lost or forgotten. Easily reassign leads and set up auto-assign for your agents—rest easy knowing that all assignments are tracked in history.

Custom Dashboard

See the real time reports you need to drive your business—located in one customizable dashboard. Gain instant access to detailed charts and graphs that make you an effective decision maker. Take your data to the next level with FuseLogic, our analytics engine embedded in LeadForce PRO.


Engage leads like never before with a 10-week MAIL + DIGITAL campaign. Use multiple touch points for maximum conversion with your target audience.

  • Direct Mail

    + CPL - Cost per lead

    + CPM - Cost per thousand

  • Digital Bundle

    + Email Campaign
    + SMS Text Messaging
    + Facebook Ads

  • Re-targeting Campaigns

    Email marketing with simultaneous re-targeting on paid social media and digital channels to your direct mail audience.

Mail + Digital Bundles

Level up your campaigns with an omnichannel approach!


An analytics engine, embedded in LeadForce PRO, to take your data to the next level.

Competition is fierce; analytics can provide the tools you need to thrive in a complex and evolving market. As new sales and distribution channels emerge and customers demand transparency and interaction at the point of purchase, brokers and agencies that do not incorporate data analysis in their sales and marketing process will be left behind. FuseLogic visually portrays how a particular campaign is performing using a variety of visualizations and comparisons that can be analyzed with drill down and export capabilities for the attributes desired. Ready to put your data to work?  Get in touch now so we can discuss your requirements.


DATA Visualization

Custom cards show the data most important to you for fast and easy analysis.

Statistical Insights

Drill down into the data for deeper insights.

KPI Tracking

Reporting requirements can be customized to present essential data and track your most important KPI’s.

Real Time Updates

Data is automatically updated so time-sensitive trends can be followed.


Build a custom data display using data from proprietary systems, cloud servers, or on-premises.


Insights allow for more efficient sales initiatives, leveraging your sales force’s time and budget.


Generation, Management & Distribution


Merge multiple lead sources— direct mail, web, telemarketing— on one central channel. Recycle older leads, monitor the life-cycle, reassign or auto-assign leads as needed, all on one unified and intuitive platform.


Our targeted prospects are filtered through custom-developed propensity-to-purchase models, so agents spend time with high- value leads. Capture leads from direct mail, digital, call centers, web & more.


Managers increase close rates with tracking analytics and reassignment tools. Agents can place and track new lead orders, view mailer response rates, enter lead activity and notes.


See real time reports that drive your business in one customizable white label portal. Gain instant access to the charts and graphs that make you more effective and empowered to make informed decisions with FuseLogic.


Our easy-to-use rate comparison calculator now integrated into LeadForce PRO.


    Expedite sales by displaying the best available rates tailored to your customers. Get side-by-side rate comparisons and real-time data from all carriers. Simply enter the prospect’s info and all available rates display immediately with or without a network connection.


    With so many different rates and coverages, agents need a simple tool to find the best rates for their customers. Our rate calculator paired with your specific criteria delivers! It can be customized to fit most insurance applications including MedSup, Final Expense, Critical Illness, Cancer, HI and LTC.


    Our rate calculator was built to be a simple tool for health insurance agents to quickly filter through large tables of Med Supp plans and premiums. Quick entry for quick results. Simply enter the prospect’s zip code, age, gender and tobacco use and all available rates display immediately.