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Omnichannel Marketing Campaigns


Jump start your marketing campaigns with an integrated, omnichannel approach.

What was once a message, an ad, is now a conversation. For your campaigns to be truly successful, you need an integrated approach—reaching customers where they are, providing a unified presence and interaction with your customers.

Customers across demographic groups have transformed their buying behavior in the past decade. Now, 4 out of 5 customers interact with digital channel during their shopping journey, according to McKinsey. And this digital slice swells for high-value, long-term purchases like insurance and financial products. This customer “reconnaissance” mission provides an opportunity for brands to reach customers who are primed to purchase.

Savvy companies use digital channels to provide information, gather insights and bond with customers through social channels in the process. As a testament to the power of integrated marketing, a Gartner study found that campaigns across 4 or more channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by an impressive 300%.

Expand your Reach

Business growth is dependent on increasing the number of potential customers you have access to. Your organic and traditional marketing efforts alone are unlikely to reach all of your potential customers. A digital component is a must! You need to reach more people where they are and in their preferred medium— email, social media, search engines and digital ads. We can help.


Retargeting customers is crucial. In today’s digital world, nearly all major purchases are preceded by a search for reviews and information online. If you are not utilizing digital channels to retarget customers, you are ceding the ground to your competitors. Level up your existing mail campaigns with an omnichannel approach.

Achieve Marketing Goals Faster

Whether you are seeking to generate sales, expand your brand awareness, educate customers, or simply generate traffic, an omnichannel campaign can help you reach your goals faster. Campaigns across 4 or more channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.

Personalize Customer Experience

Every personalization technique is wasted if they’re not integrated into a single system. Knowing a customer’s name does nothing unless you track his or her issues and engage them. With tools like Facebook sign-ins, it’s easier to track customer likes and status updates and turn them into meaningful connections.

Engage with Customers

Through requests for information or quotes, companies are able to develop a plan for each customer. As customers travel along their journey towards a purchase, companies are using all of these to collect information to engage with them. With the data collected, they’re able to increase conversions, brand loyalty, and customer satisfaction, while lowering wasted quotes and negative feedback.

Unified Campaign Platform

LeadForce PRO provides a single view of the consumer with excellent analysis and real-time campaign reactions. Our platform helps you maintain continuous relationships with prospects that allows deeper engagement, retargeting, and conversions for high value sales.