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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation

FuseMind leverages its years of experience in the direct marketing and insurance sector to identify patterns of engagement.

Different groups of people will respond differently to promotions, communications, advertising, product, pricing and mediums of marketing. Allowing FuseMind to identify these segments produces much stronger results for your marketing investments. Paired with predictive modeling, our market segmentation solutions allow clients to improve targeting, messaging and communications, product design, pricing strategies and many other aspects of their marketing strategies.


You have unique customers; their sales experience should reflect their varied interests and needs. Segment-level personalization tailors an experience to a group of people based on shared characteristics.


These models all contribute to recommendations filtering which provide critical data to marketing companies and agents regarding the highest value solutions to present to the customer.


Our product-based models identify buying behaviors that correlate to other products & solutions. Knowing the types of products or solutions a customer prefers & comparing the data to similar existing customers, agents know which products and solutions they could sell to the customer to generate greater lifetime value.


Geographic, demographic, and behavioral segmentation can be a powerful tool in streamlining your sales and marketing efforts to ensure your message addresses a customer's needs. FuseMind has decades of experience identifying target audiences, particularly within the insurance space and can develop an ideal model for you.


Propensity models can indicate a customer's expected conversion rate. Likewise identifying elements such as "share of wallet estimation" can indicate the likelihood of sales growth through up-sell or cross-sell opportunities.


Uncover indicators that correlate with business growth through A/B testing on to determine which factors increase conversion. Do customers in key demographic groups react best to colorful brochures or omni-channel campaigns? What agent characteristics correlate to sales among each market segmentation? FuseLogic™ can uncover insights that boost sales and engagement.