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It's not just direct mail, it's smart mail. Available whenever you need a targeted mailer with all the bells and whistles— like yesterday.

Our team can help you reach more customers and increase your ROI with our powerful letter shop and fulfillment services. Whether you require printing or mailing—we offer a single source to effectively and efficiently plan your strategy, build your creative, target your audience, execute mail fulfillment and track results. Making sure the money you invest in your mailing project is well spent is important to us. We pull together all of the details and never lose sight of the ultimate goal—expanding your customer reach and maximizing your ROI.

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Meet with Brett Benton, our VP of Client Services, to see how our Direct Mail, Print Shop and fulfillment services can help you reach more customers and increase your ROI. Easily schedule a meeting via Calendly, call 214-267-1313 ext 1105or email brett.benton@fusemind.com to get started.


Our specialty is high-speed variable digital printing, including statements, policies, personalized letters, variable data postcards, self-mailers, and complex direct mail forms. We offer strategic solutions for sign-offs, digital archiving, quality control, and real-time retrieval and distribution.


Our state-of-the-art ink-jet imaging equipment is able to print on any type of substrate, including UV, Aqueous, plastic cards and more. We can even ink-jet in color. Looking for personalized mail pieces for your campaign? Our capabilities also include ink jetting with variable messaging, including bar codes, maps and graphics.


With a wide variety of envelope sizes and enclosures, our automatic inserting equipment is cutting-edge and capable of processing more than half a million pieces per day. If your mail piece requires hand inserting, we have a department dedicated to managing this task, including poly-bags.


Postage is one of  the most expensive component of a direct mail project.  However if examined properly, your costs could be reduced by understanding all the elements such as locations, concentration and mailing method. We use proprietary software to do exactly this as well as offer you tracking insight into your mailings.


We offer this service as a complement to our automatic inserting capabilities. Even in the age of automation, we believe that hand matching still plays a valuable role in direct mail. This fail-proof process ensures that your intended recipient receives the right mail piece—whether it's a simple letter or a multi-dimensional piece.


If you're looking for maximum impact for your audience, then the finishing details are so important! Let us handle all the final touches to ensure a perfect mail piece—this includes trimming, folding, scoring, in-line gluing, tabbing, stamping and poly-bagging. We'll ensure your mail piece looks polished and professional.


Tracking your marketing campaigns allows you to plan your next moves. Our postal tools keep you up-to-date with step-by-step information on your campaign's progress, including when your audience receives their marketing piece. This allows you to continue your efforts by initiating omni-channel campaigns via digital marketing, including email and social media, to make the most of your marketing efforts.


Want to have direct personal contact with your customers? Along with using a QR code, we can help by providing a personalized URL (PURL) to tailor your customer’s experience. Your mail campaigns can be tailored for each recipient, tracked and fine-tuned in real time. With PURLs you can manage multiple campaigns at the same time without incurring additional mailing costs.

Smart Speaker Call-to-Action

Responding to your mail campaigns is now as easy as saying, “Hey Alexa!” with a voice enabled response.

Our Smart Speaker Enabled Call to Action easily integrates customer responses into your new or existing campaigns. It's now easier than ever for your consumers to reach out to you using their smart speakers, like the Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, to respond to your campaigns and offers. And, with our FuseLogic™ analytics, you’ll have complete insight into the success of each campaign and marketing channel, helping you improve campaign effectiveness over time!

Contact us to schedule a meeting for more information on our latest technology and to get your campaign started!

Smart Speaker Call-to-Action

Smart Speaker Call-to-Action


Engage leads like never before with a 10-week MAIL + DIGITAL campaign. Use multiple touch points for maximum conversion with your target audience.

  • Direct Mail

    + CPL - Cost per lead

    + CPM - Cost per thousand

  • Digital Bundle

    + Email Campaign
    + Display Advertising
    + Facebook Ads

  • Display Re-targeting

    Email marketing with simultaneous display re-targeting & paid social media campaign to your direct mail audience

Mail + Digital Bundles

Enhance your direct mail program with our omnichannel marketing bundle. Campaigns across 4 or more channels outperform single or dual-channel campaigns by 300%.