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Trust & Security

TRUST & Security

Our commitment to you: the highest standards of security, integrity & reliability.

Our comprehensive personnel screening encompasses all employees in engineering, operations, and technical services, including rigorous background checks for our data center staff, constituting a mandatory prerequisite for employment. Strict administrative controls are in place to regulate access to customer data, strictly limiting it to authorized personnel in accordance with documented processes. Access to SaaS servers is meticulously managed, with stringent limitations, logging mechanisms, and tracking protocols in place to facilitate thorough auditing. Further details regarding additional data protection measures and security policies can be found below.

Data Protection

FuseMind's suite of products is securely accessed via the Internet through encrypted connections employing the robust TLS 1.2 or higher protocols, fortified with high-grade 2048-bit certificates. Each customer's data is meticulously stored in dedicated and isolated databases, ensuring stringent data security and confidentiality.

Customer Data Handling policy

We have established and comprehensive document-destruction protocols for safeguarding sensitive information. Our team includes specialized IT security personnel dedicated to ensuring the highest level of protection. All staff members, including those working in data centers, undergo rigorous training in information security and privacy procedures to ensure a robust defense against potential threats.

Application Security

FuseMind conducts comprehensive security assessments on all code prior to release, ensuring the identification and mitigation of any potential vulnerabilities. Additionally, we consistently perform thorough scans of our network and systems to proactively detect and address any potential security risks.

Regulatory Compliance

FuseMind holds trust certifications and is both SOC II Type I certified and compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA)— showcasing our commitment to robust security measures and data protection.